Apple working on ‘High Power Mode’ for MacBooks An update on last year's Pro Mode reports


Last year, we reported that Apple was working on Pro Mode for its MacBook range, designed to help users get maximum performance on their devices by bypassing some common energy-saving features. Although we had expected the company to announce the feature at this year’s WWDC, all was quiet, but new code suggests that the company is indeed still working on this functionality, perhaps for a future macOS update or release.

The new version of macOS Monterey draws reference to “High Power Mode” which suggests a release could come soon. Apple is expected to drop macOS Monterey to the world this October following a public beta period.

High Power Mode is designed to help make apps run faster, but it will have a negative impact on battery life and make the fans louder as a result. Apple already offers a Low Power Mode, so it makes sense to offer the High Power Mode variant for those looking to supercharger their devices with extra power and performance.

We don’t know for sure how High Power Mode actually works, but it’s thought that it will force the GPU and CPU to perform at their peak, even if the MacBook isn’t connected to a power source. Right now, High Power Mode is inaccessible to users, but with Apple set to announce new MacBook Pro models later this year with M1X chips, perhaps the company could be working on a High Power Mode to go alongside them as an exclusive feature.

Do you think you’d use High Power Mode? Let us know and check back soon for more updates.

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