Apple working on larger batteries for 2020 iPhones

Apple could be set to introduce larger batteries in next year’s iPhone, according to reports.

According to reliable Korean tech website The Elec, Apple’s 2020 iPhones will reportedly feature a custom battery protection module that’s smaller and thinner than the current one.

That would mean there’d be more free space for an increase in iPhone battery capacity.

Sources from The Elec say that Korea’s ITM Semiconductor will be working on a smaller battery protection module for 2020 and that it would be included in all four of Apple’s high-end 2020 smartphones.

The cheaper iPhone 9 wouldn’t feature the new technology.

Battery protection modules are designed to prevent overcharging and over-discharging, with the new module from ITM Semiconductor reportedly combining two main features which would mean they’d be no need for a holder case, which takes up space inside of the iPhone.

The iPhone 11 family already offers the best iPhone battery life to date, with the iPhone 11 Pro Max reportedly capable of lasting for up to five hours longer than the iPhone XS Max.

It’s unknown exactly how much additional space will be made available because of the new technology, but even the smallest of battery improvements can have a big impact on users.

The Elec has also suggested that ITM Semiconductor has provided the new modules to Samsung for its Galaxy S11 series, so it’s natural that Apple would want to follow suit and introduce the technology to its own iPhones to ensure they can compete on performance.

The company is widely expected to release four high-end smartphones next year, including two successors to the iPhone 11, and a successor to the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max.

All of the devices will feature OLED displays for the first time, alongside 5G support and an all-new design that’s reminiscent of the iPhone 4 with its metal frame.

Triple-lens cameras are also expected, and the higher-end smartphones will feature up to 6G of RAM.

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