Apple Working on New Tracking App, Will Launch a Tracking Tile

Apple is reportedly working on a new application that will combine Find my Friends and Find my iPhone, and introduce a new tracking tile to allow users to locate lost or stolen items.

According to Guilherme Rambo, the new application will include a ‘find network’ feature which would ensure iPhones can be tracked, even when not connected to a WiFi or cellular network, which would be a big change to the way the system currently operates.

The application will incorporate the best-loved features of Find My Friends – like location sharing – with a new user interface and, for the first time, will support macOS via Apple’s new Marzipan cross-platform application API.

At present, users are able to access Find My iPhone on the iCloud website, although the user interface is slow and outdated.

The new application will reportedly premiere with iOS 13, so it’s likely we’ll get the first look at WWDC in June.

As is always the case, however, development can change, and there is no guarantee that the new feature will be included as part of this year’s software releases.

New tracking tile is coming

According to Rambo, Apple is also working on a new tracking tile that can be attached to items and located using iCloud and the new Find My iPhone application.

Similar to the Tile product and application, Apple would allow users to set up notifications if their tile gets too far away so that they can locate items or report them as missing or stolen.

Users will be able to add their contact details inside of the tile and get a notification when it is found.

If the company takes advantage of the hundreds of millions of iPhones and iPads in operation, it could create a network of users who can help locate lost or stolen items.

It’s unknown if or when the new tile and application will be released, but we expect to hear more at WWDC 2019.

As Apple looks to diversify into new product categories, hammering down on security is another way for the company to sell more products and lock consumers into the iOS and macOS ecosystems, discouraging them from trying rival products/software.

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