Apple Working on Wireless Charging for iPhones and iPads

Apple is, with help from US and Asian partners, working on new wireless charging technology that could debut for iPhones and iPads as soon as next year, reports Bloomberg.

Citing its sources as “people familiar with the plans”, the news outlet claims that Apple seeks a solution that would allow its mobile devices to be charged from a larger range than is currently permitted with charging mats made by third party companies for iOS devices.

Apple is said to be still assessing whether it should implement the technology as it seeks to overcome such technical issues as loss of power over particularly lengthy charging distances. Apple spokeswoman Trudy Muller declined to comment upon approach from Bloomberg.

If Apple does soon introduce new wireless charging technology, it would apparently likely be significantly more advanced and functional than existing solutions. In September 2012, Apple exec Phil Schiller said that it was unclear how convenient existing wireless charging systems really were, as they still had to be plugged into a wall – making them “actually, for most situations, more complicated”.

These systems also require the devices to be physically placed on small mats for charging to begin, making the sophistication of the wireless technology rather redundant.

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