Apple’s AR/VR headset could be sold with gloves

Apple could ship its upcoming AR/VR headset with gloves to detect finger gestures, according to a new report.

The company has continued to file a number of patents for its upcoming headset, and a new report now suggests that Apple could include a pair of gloves with the headset to better detect skin-to-skin contact and offer more control when playing games.

According to Patently Apple, the new VR gloves could be used to move a cursor, scroll, open documents, make selections, and play games inside of the new AR/VR headset. The actions could require skin-to-skin contact when the glasses are in use, and the camera on the headset could be used to track finger movements.

Speaking of the gloves, Patenytly Apple said: “Apple’s invention covers devices and methods of detecting contact between a first body part and a second body part.

“Sense circuitry can be configured to sense a signal at the sense electrode (e.g., configured to contact the second body part) in response to a drive signal applied to the drive electrode (e.g., configured to contact the first body part).”

What’s important to note is that Apple has filed hundreds of patents over the years in relation to augmented and virtual reality, so there’s no guarantee these gloves will come to the fore. However, it’s an interesting development and we can’t wait to see what the glasses will do when they’re announced. Some suggest Apple will unveil the AR/VR glasses in January 2023 before putting them on sale later in the year.

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(Image credit: idropnews/Martin Hajek)

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