Apple’s Autonomous Driving Test Program Expands to Over 200 Registered Drivers Recent data from the California DMV reveals that Apple has registered 67 vehicles and 201 drivers for testing autonomous driving features on public roads.

Apple Car
Apple Car Concept | Image: Supercar Blondie

The California DMV mandates that companies testing autonomous driving technologies register key information, such as the number of drivers and vehicles involved. While Apple’s fleet has remained relatively unchanged since 2021, the number of registered drivers has gradually grown.

Data acquired by macReports indicate that Apple has increased its authorized drivers from 196 to 201 since January 2023, with the number of vehicles remaining steady at 67.

Additional data in the report covers other manufacturers and their testing entities, as well as a list of driverless testers, which does not include Apple.

In the first quarter of 2023, Apple registered one minor collision involving the vehicle’s tire and rim making contact with a curb, with no involvement from authorities. Since registering, Apple has reported a total of 16 collisions in California.

The data highlights Apple’s ongoing dedication to testing self-driving technologies for vehicles, alongside other manufacturers such as Mercedes, Waymo, Tesla, Nvidia, and Zoox.

Years of speculation, patents, and clandestine test facilities suggest the potential launch of an Apple Car. However, recent rumors indicate that Apple has shifted focus away from autonomous driving, opting to include a steering wheel instead.

Regardless, Apple is likely to continue testing the technology until it becomes a viable consumer product for the road. The Apple Car is currently anticipated for release in 2026.

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