Apple’s Computer Tech Support “Most Effective”, Says New Report

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If you want a computer that you can typically have fixed quickly in the event of a technical problem, you should definitely buy a Mac. That’s because, in a report recently published by, Apple’s technical support is cited as “by far the most effective of any computer brand’s.”

This impressive statistic was unearthed following a survey of over 3,200 computer owners by Consumer Reports National Research Center earlier in 2015. While Mac users praised Apple’s phone and online support and four fifths reported that their problem could be resolved by the Cupertino company’s tech support, users of Windows PCs revealed that, across four of six brands, tech support successfully addressed only half of the problems brought to their attention. remark that Apple’s brilliant performance in the survey is “no surprise”, noting that the company has lead the field for tech support every year since started asking consumers about the quality of different companies’ tech support in 2007. We at Apple Magazine hope that there will be many more Mac users satisfied with Apple’s tech support in future years.

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