Apple’s flagship London store reopening for iPhone XR day

Great news for Apple fans in London and the UK!

Apple’s gorgeous flagship London store based in picturesque and historic Covent Garden market is set to reopen on Friday October 26th following a three month renovation project.

This is the launch day for the new iPhone XR so Brits are able to get hold of what we think will be the sleeper star of the 2018 iPhone range the same day.

The store design will closely mirror the new layout first unveiled at San Francisco’s Union Square in 2016. The store has a Genius Grove for assistance and help, The Avenue dedicated to shopping, a Forum for viewing presentations and a Today at Apple area for classes and presentations.

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If the store is similar in design to the latest updated flagship store, the one in Palo Alto, California, then it will also have a living wall of greenery, a large TV screen on the wall, redesigned and refitted accessory walls, new tables and indoor trees.

When the store opened in 2010, Covent Garden was Apple’s largest retail location in the world and has always been one of Apple’s most picturesque and iconic locations with tall arched windows, stone columns and archways and a vaulted ceiling that Apple will retain like most of the other statement stores in the area such as Michael Kors.

Fans who want to get their hands on the new iPhone XR and any other Apple goodies are advised to get there early as demand is expected to be off the chain.

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