Apple’s In-Store System to Update Sealed iPhones Apple is innovating in-store customer experiences by developing a way to update iPhones without even taking them out of the box.

One frequent pain point for consumers purchasing new hardware is the immediate need for a software update right after unboxing. Even newly launched devices, including the iPhone 15, aren’t exempt. This model, for instance, required an iOS 17.0.1 update even before it hit the hands of the eager customers.

In a solution to this hiccup, Apple is reportedly introducing an ingenious system. Mark Gurman, in his “Power On” newsletter for Bloomberg, reveals that Apple’s new setup allows the update of iPhones’ operating systems without having to unseal the box.

How does this work? The mechanism is relatively simple, yet groundbreaking. Using a pad-like device, store employees can place the sealed iPhone boxes onto this pad. The pad then wirelessly activates the iPhone, facilitates the software update, and subsequently powers it down.

Currently, while the report specifically mentions iPhones, there’s speculation that this novel approach might expand to encompass other Apple products in the future.

The anticipation is that customers will reap the benefits of this advancement in Apple Stores by the end of 2023.

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