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Apple’s involvement in Pride 2017

Once again Apple supported Pride 2017 across a number of different cities.  The company participated in parades in San Francisco, New York and Toronto.

Pride band

The companies participation in Pride followed their release of a new Pride Edition band for the Apple Watch.  They are selling the watch for $49.00 and upon release, Apple announced they are:

“proud to support LGBTQ advocacy organizations working to bring about positive change”

They specifically mentioned they support GLSEN, PFLAG and The Trevor Project in the U.S. and ILGA, indicating that some of the proceeds from the Pride band will be donated to these groups.  Exactly how the donations would be divided was not specified.

At the Pride events

At the Pride parades Apple handed out t-shirts featuring a rainbow apple logo to participants.  Apple encouraged participants in San Francisco to write messages about the event on their #applepride board.

Apple’s history with Pride

Apple has participated in Pride events for a number of years and Tim Cook’s tweet demonstrated his support for the event:

“Happy to all our employees, their families and customers around the world! Today we’re showing #applepride in SF, NYC and Toronto.”

Apple has supported the LGBTQ community for a long time, speaking out about laws that have affected these communities negatively, and their CEO Tim Cook is openly gay.

Tim Cook has been personally involved in other events supporting LGBTQ equality and he has made donations to equality campaigns.  He received the 2017 Free Expression Award earlier this year and in April his speech at Auburn University focused on inclusion and diversity.

Apple reiterates that it is accepting of everyone.

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