Apple’s iOS 17 Set to Introduce Dedicated Journaling & Mood Tracking Apps The upcoming iOS 17 update from Apple, slated for announcement in June, will include a standalone journaling app, according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg. Initially hinted at in The Wall Street Journal in April, the new Day One-style journaling app will offer note-taking capabilities and a more pronounced social element for iPhone users.

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Specific details about the app remain sparse, but previous reports suggest that the app will enable users to record their daily activities and thoughts. Apple will provide prompts for users to write about, such as a workout or a meeting, along with an “All Day People Discovery” feature to identify when a user is near other people. The app will be aware when users receive text messages, phone calls, and other notifications. However, privacy remains paramount, with all processing happening on-device.

This journaling app seems to be part of Apple’s health-related initiatives, potentially analyzing a user’s typical day. Furthermore, Apple reportedly plans to integrate this with a mood tracking feature in iOS 17, allowing users to record their moods, respond to queries about their day, and track the results over time.

In line with these new functionalities, Apple plans to introduce the Health app to the iPad for the first time, enabling iPad owners to access their health-related data even when their iPhone is not available.

Third-party developers, such as Day One, have long provided journaling platforms for the iPhone and the iPad. Based on preliminary reports, Apple’s new offering might bear similarities to Day One’s features. However, Day One has expressed enthusiasm about Apple’s entry into the journaling space, vowing to ensure that its app remains the best option for journaling enthusiasts.

More information about the new journaling app can be found in Gurman’s complete report.

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