Apple’s iPhone 5c This Week in AppleMagazine


Apple didn’t surprise anyone by announcing the iPhone 5c this week. Nevertheless, it’s still just as impressive, like we had never heard of it before. This week’s issue of AppleMagazine includes extensive coverage of the iPhone 5c, as well as the new camera in the iPhone 5s and the overall design of both devices.

You can read a full report of everything that went down in the Apple Keynote with the announcement of both phones and all the different features of them both. One of those great features is the new camera that has been compared to an SLR in the iPhone 5S. The details of that change are explained in full. And where would any Apple device be without the design? We’ll also look at the design compared to the fashions that we see on high fashion runways.

Make sure you click the link on the right and download this latest issue. We’ll be covering these phones for the next few issues, so you may even want to get a subscription. That way you won’t miss anything.

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