Apple’s M3 Max Surpasses M2 Ultra in New Performance Benchmarks The latest M3 Max chip demonstrates impressive capabilities.

Apple Silicon M3 Chip Series Unified Memory Architecture M3 Max

Apple’s M3 Max chip, which powers the latest 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models, is setting new performance standards according to early benchmarks. Despite having fewer cores, with 16 CPU cores and 40 GPU cores, the M3 Max has surpassed the multi-core performance of the M2 Ultra chip.

Early scores from Geekbench 6 show the M3 Max reaching over 21,000, a leap ahead of the M2 Ultra’s score of around 20,000.

While Geekbench provides a baseline for performance evaluation, true performance can vary with real-world use and software optimization. Nonetheless, the benchmarks suggest substantial progress in Apple’s system-on-a-chip (SoC) efficiency and power.

The 3nm process used in the M3 Max not only contributes to raw speed, but also enhances power efficiency.

Apple’s strategic hardware and software integration further elevates the M3 Max’s performance. The synergy between macOS and Apple silicon chips results in optimized efficiency and stands as an advantage over other laptops with x86 architecture.

M3 Max vs. M2 Ultra: Specs comparison

Specs M3 Max M2 Ultra
3nm 5nm
CPU CPU 16-core
(12 high-performance cores, and 4 high-efficiency cores)
CPU 24-core
(16 high-performance cores, and 8 high-efficiency cores)
GPU GPU 40-core GPU Up to 76 cores
Transistors 92 billion 134 billion
Memory capacity Up to 128GB unified memory 192GB
Memory bandwidth 409.6 GB/s 800GB/s
Memory type LPDDR5-6400 LPDDR5-6400

The excitement surrounding the M3 Max benchmarks is palpable, and the chip’s potential could lead to an upsurge in Mac sales, enticing users with the promise of desktop-class performance in a portable format.

Particularly for those eyeing the new MacBook Pro, the M3 Max chip offers a blend of power and mobility, rivaling even the Mac Pro and high-end Mac Studio desktops, marking a significant shift in the computing power landscape for laptops.

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