Apple’s new ‘Behind the Mac’ campaign focuses on individual creativity

Apple Mac

Apple has just launched a new ad campaign focusing on the Mac and highlighting creators “Behind the Mac” who have all made “something wonderful” with their device.

The campaign is set to run during the 2018 FIFA World Cup as well as online. The campaign of 4 videos features real stories of people who used their Mac to solve problems, create music and express themselves. This campaign is designed to show how users can let their creativity flow and achieve goals with their Mac.

The first video shows three different people using their Macs to create and express themselves. It is set to Johnston’s “Story of an Artist”.

The other three adverts focus on users from various disciplines, the first of which is a photographer and disability advocate, Bruce Hall. Hall is legally blind and uses his Mac to “see things that always felt out of reach”.

The second focuses on music artist Grimes, who uses her Mac to write music, edit her videos and create artwork for her singles.

Finally, the third ad spotlights App developer Peter Kariuki from Rwanda who aims to reduce traffic deaths. He founded SafeMotos which ensures “Africans do not have to choose between affordability and safety for their transport.” His app detects unsafe driving habits, helping them become better drivers.

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