Apple’s new holiday ads promote the Apple Watch Series 3

You might be considering gifting a loved one an Apple Watch Series 3 once you’ve seen Apple’s new holiday ads.

Uploaded onto Apple’s YouTube channel, “The Gift of Go” has four videos, each of which focus on the Apple Watch being used for a specific activity. The ads focus on sports such as snowboarding, soccer and swimming with each demonstrating a different Apple Watch feature. For example, the soccer and snowboarding videos demonstrate the watch being used for phone calls over cellular and text messaging.

Apple Music is highlighted in the workout video and the swimming ad turns its attention to the Workout app. All ads share the same general aesthetic style, a quick look at the feature before shifting to a multi-object view that transforms into wrapping paper over the Apple Watch Series 3 box.

All videos are approximately 15 seconds in length, the same length that Apple uses on its social media sites such as Instagram. The watch that’s focused on is the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE capabilities, the red Digital Crown being clearly visible on each one.

The watch is likely to be a popular Christmas gift, with the LTE models beginning at $399 and non-LTE models at $329. Will you be asking for one?

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Helen is a Digital Copywriter at Precise English, a copywriting and marketing agency based in the UK.