Apple’s New Wireless AirPods Get Positive Hands-on Reviews

Apple’s New Wireless AirPods Get Positive Hands-on Reviews

On Wednesday, Apple announced new wireless AirPods to help users adapt to a post-headphone jack world – so, how are they actually like to use? A number of tech journalists have posted their initial hands-on impressions – and the future of wireless music-listening is looking promising.

Macworld’s Susie Ochs comments that, even when head-banging, shaking her head side to side, tossing her hair and jogging in place, the AirPods “stayed put, and they stayed loud”. The music sounded “full and lush and I couldn’t hear a single word anyone around me was saying”.

Meanwhile, WIRED’s David Pierce has observed how easy the AirPods are to set up with an iPhone 7, pointing out: “You just flip open the white case, wait for the blinking white light, and set it down near your iPhone. Instantly, a pop-up appears asking you to connect the AirPods.”

These AirPods will be priced at $159, but not start shipping until October. During the wait, why not learn more about Apple’s Wednesday announcements by reading today’s new AppleMagazine issue?

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