Apple’s OS X Yosemite Beta Preview 6 Released

Today Apple released OS X Yosemite Beta 6 to users participating in their beta program, two weeks following the release of the fifth beta previews for both the OS X and iOS 8.

Basically, OS X Yosemite is a revamp of the Mac OS that offers a “flatter,” more modern look to the interface and icons, the original Mail, Safari, and Spotlight with new features, and other such updates. With each developer preview, tweaks are added. Apple is especially focusing on the Continuity feature that promises to make the desktop OS and mobile OS work better together.

For example, Continuity allows you to make and receive calls on your Mac. This is particularly convenient for those of us who work at a desk all day, yet somehow manage to leave our iPhones in a room on the other side of our house.

OS X Yosemite Continuity August 18, 2014

A few notable changes have been added to the most recent preview:

Settings – In System Preferences, you’ll see new icons.

OS X Yosemite System Preferences August 18, 2014

Do Not Disturb Unseen in the fifth preview, “Do Not Disturb” has been brought back to the Notification Center in Beta 6.

OS X Yosemite Do Not Disturb August 18, 2014

Battery – A small but noticeable change: we have a new battery icon.

OS X Yosemite Battery August 18, 2014

Dashboard – The new dashboard: beautiful and translucent.

OS X Yosemite Translucent Dashboard August 18, 2014



Wallpaper – Last but not least, Beta 6 offers gorgeous new Yosemite-themed wallpapers.

OS X Yosemite Wallpaper 1 August 18, 2014


OS X Yosemite Wallpaper 2 August 18, 2014

Oddly enough, no corresponding iOS 8 beta has been released. It is unclear whether this means that the iOS 8 previews are at their end. If this is the case, we may see the new iPhone and iPad software coming out before the Mac OS. That would mean more wait time to use Continuity, as this feature works only between the new operating systems.

OS X Yosemite Beta 6 as well as Xcode Beta 6 can now be downloaded through the Mac App Store and through the Mac Developer Center using the beta downloading code.


Source: AppleInsider, MacRumors, Cult of Mac

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