Apple’s rumored StudioPods leaked in iOS 14 code

Apple’s unannounced over-ear headphones have been leaked in iOS 14 code, first discovered by the team at 9to5Mac.

New icons show two pairs of headphones in black and white, and though this could mean Apple is launching two color options similar to the HomePod, it could also refer to the Light Mode and Dark Mode options in iOS and iPadOS.

The new icons were found in an early iOS 14 beta, and relate to the battery and charging widget, where users can see the battery life on their Apple-owned peripherals.

Apple added new custom icons for its AirPods and Beats headphones last year, and it now appears that its own rumored StudioPods could be following suit before or around the launch of iOS 14.

The design of the new headphones falls in line with expectations, similar to Beats Studio 3 headphones with two large padded cups and an over-the-head band for protection.

In typical Apple fashion, the design appears to be very minimalist with clear-cut lines and profiles.

Apple has been widely rumored to launch its own pair of headphones for a number of years, despite purchasing Beats in 2014.

The new headphones are expected to include features such as auto-pausing and auto-resuming when removing the headphones, similar to AirPods, as well as noise cancelation and quick connection to iOS and macOS devices.

Apple’s wearables market has grown significantly in recent years, overtaking Mac sales, fueled by the success of its Apple Watch and AirPods and AirPods Pro products.

By introducing a new wearable headphone, Apple could further expand the category and help to diversify Apple’s revenue streams.

The Beats brand has proven controversial, with many saying that the products are of low-quality, so an Apple-branded headphone is a smart move.

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