Apple’s TV App Transformation: A Centralized Streaming Experience on the Horizon Apple is poised to revolutionize its TV app, consolidating its streaming and content purchase options, in a move to enhance user experience.

Apple’s ambitious plans to refine its TV app aim to merge the Apple TV+ streaming service with its individual movie and TV show purchase avenues, as per insights shared by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. The introduction of these changes is slated for a tvOS update this coming December.

In a clear strategic move to nudge users towards the Apple TV app, the company will phase out its standalone Apple TV applications currently in place for the rental and purchase of movies and TV episodes. Parallel to this, the movie and TV series segments within the iTunes Store app on Apple’s iPhones and iPads will be discontinued.

The overarching goal for Apple is to channel users to the TV app, the existing repository for bought movies and series, Apple TV+ offerings, and an array of third-party channels available for subscription.

The TV app’s metamorphosis will position it as the principal platform for streaming content. Inside sources, including Gurman, reveal that the revamped app will feature a left-hand side panel to effortlessly toggle between diverse video genres.

This enhanced navigational framework is expected to demystify the TV app for users. It will distinctly demarcate content originating from Apple and available as part of the Apple TV+ subscription, from content that necessitates a separate subscription.

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