Apple’s Picture-in-Picture Upgrade: A New Multiview Experience for Sports Fans

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Apple has long offered the popular Picture-in-Picture (PiP) feature on its platforms, allowing users to view a single video in a floating window while browsing the rest of the operating system. Now, it seems that the tech giant is working to upgrade the PiP mode, specifically for live sports matches within the Apple TV app. This new feature, dubbed “Multiview,” could redefine the sports viewing experience on Apple’s platforms.

The Multiview Picture-in-Picture Experience

Code references discovered by Steve Moser reveal a new “Multiview” Picture-in-Picture experience for the Apple TV app. This innovative feature would support up to four simultaneous streams, making it perfect for sports enthusiasts who want to follow multiple games at the same time. Given Apple’s ongoing negotiations for more sports streaming deals, the Multiview feature appears increasingly promising.

Quad-box PIP streaming, which allows users to view four simultaneous streams, is already offered by some third-party apps like ESPN and FuboTV on tvOS. Apple’s interest in matching this experience for its sports streaming is, therefore, not surprising. The latest iOS beta includes numerous references to this feature, suggesting that work on it is gaining momentum.

Targeting Sports Streaming in The Apple TV App

Based on the code strings discovered, the Multiview feature seems to be specifically targeted at sports streaming within the Apple TV app. When users browse sports in the app, they will be prompted to choose between watching the stream in full screen or in Multiview mode. The grid layout mentioned in the strings, along with an error message displayed when attempting to add a fifth game, indicates the capacity to stream up to four games at once.

Release Timeline & Future Prospects

Although Apple has not officially announced its plans for the Multiview feature, the increasing number of code references suggests that it could be nearing completion. However, there is no guarantee that it will be ready for release soon. It is possible that the feature may not be available until the iOS 17 software update cycle.

As of now, Apple’s upgraded Picture-in-Picture mode remains an exciting prospect for sports fans looking to enhance their viewing experience.

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