Apple’s Vision Pro 2 Targets Improved Design & Prescription Lens Experience Apple's upcoming second-generation Vision Pro headset is aiming for refinements in design, specifically focusing on size, weight, and an enhanced experience for users requiring prescription lenses.

Apple Vision Pro

As outlined in his recent “Power On” newsletter, Bloomberg tech reporter Mark Gurman shared insights into Apple’s Vision Products Group’s ongoing endeavors.

The team is presently contemplating various models for the next-generation headset, including options that range from basic to high-end. A key emphasis is on creating a device that is not only lighter but also compact, addressing feedback regarding the inaugural Vision Pro’s weighty feel.

Another challenge Apple seeks to tackle pertains to those who wear prescription glasses. For the first-generation Vision Pro, glasses users have to make an additional purchase: Zeiss prescription lenses that conveniently attach to the device’s displays using magnetism. This design choice was made to ensure the headset’s slimness. However, the need to offer a vast array of lens combinations is presenting logistical hurdles.

In the Vision Pro’s successor, Apple is exploring a solution wherein the headset comes directly from the factory with prescription lenses pre-installed. But Gurman underscores that this approach may generate its own set of challenges, especially concerning headset sharing, potential resale, and accommodating changes in an individual’s optical prescription.

Anticipated timelines suggest that the second iteration of the Vision Pro headset may only see a release between 2025 and 2027, while its predecessor is slated for an early debut next year.

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