Vision Pro Headset to Offer Fitness & Wellness Features Upon 2024 Release Apple's forthcoming Vision Pro headset, slated for a 2024 launch, is set to encompass a host of fitness and wellness applications. While some specifics were not included in the initial Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) announcement, recent reports suggest Apple is working with renowned brands such as Nike to offer tailored workouts for users of the headset.

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The Vision Pro headset, Apple’s upcoming device making waves in the tech sector, has been under wraps in several respects. However, The Information has recently shared some exciting features currently in development but not announced initially.

A key revelation is that the Vision Pro will target fitness and wellness enthusiasts, with Apple reportedly exploring collaborations with industry leaders like Nike. These collaborations could lead to specialized workout applications designed specifically for headset users. Alongside these, Apple is considering designing face cushions that can withstand the rigors of sweaty, intense workouts.

The Vision Pro may even interact with stationary bikes, enabling users to delve into interactive content while exercising. Despite this, full-body tracking—a feature Apple has been developing—won’t be available upon the device’s initial release. The Vision Pro’s dual downward-facing cameras were designed to capture the user’s body and hands. Yet, the lack of this feature at launch opens opportunities for future updates and enhancements via the visionOS software.

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Further plans for the Vision Pro include the introduction of 3D content on Apple TV+ at a later date. While gaming was not a significant focus initially, it is expected to feature in the Vision Pro experience. Apple’s aspirations to use the headset as an advanced external display for a Mac, however, may face some limitations.

In addition to fitness applications, the Vision Pro is expected to encompass wellness features. These include a yoga app that uses the device’s cameras to monitor user breathing patterns and a tai chi app, both designed to promote well-being.

Despite the grand plans, Apple may have withheld certain features due to concerns about usability, such as the device’s external battery pack and the fragility of the front-facing glass screen. Also, the lack of accurate hand tracking could explain the absence of mixed reality-specific games showcased at the announcement event.

Apple is also looking into a “co-presence” feature for the Vision Pro, which uses body tracking to create virtual representations of users during conversations. This mirrors Google’s Project Starline’s telepresence experience but without the need for additional hardware beyond a mixed-reality headset.

With several months left until its launch, Apple still has time to refine and improve the Vision Pro, priced at $3,499.

Developers have already received the tools needed to create apps for the headset, and existing iOS and iPadOS apps will automatically be compatible. This promises a wide array of content upon the device’s release.

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