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Apple TV+
Apple TV+

Although AppleTV+ debuted later than most other major streaming platforms – it was on November 1, 2019, when it happened – and although most critics stated that AppleTV+’s major issue is lack of blockbuster content (especially when compared to Netflix and HBO), a recent analysis showed that AppleTV+’s content is the highest-rated among all the other streaming services, which is absolutely great news!

Self, a financial planning company, decided to do an analysis of the ratings of the content of major streaming services. They analyzed the ratings of the major shows and movies present on several major streaming services, concluding with what was available on March 23, 2021. This is a brief overview of their results (if you want the full numbers, you can check out their article):

  • AppleTV+ has the highest average IMDb score for its titles (7.24) but has fewer than 70 titles to choose from
  • Hulu has the highest-quality 4K content with an average of 7.59/10 IMDb score, but Netflix (530) and Disney+ (420) have a much higher quantity
  • Netflix and HBO Max offer the most ‘excellent’ quality (8+ IMDb) movies per dollar spent on the platform at 15 and 14 respectively.
  • Netflix offers over 3x more ‘Excellent’ quality TV shows than its nearest competitor: Amazon Prime Video
  • HBO Max offers the biggest library of family-friendly content and it’s the highest-rated out of all streaming services, even beating Disney+

These key stats tell us practically everything we need to know. AppleTV+’s issue of having little content is still present, but what they have is truly great, according to the numbers. The survey also showed that most of Apple’s content falls into the “Drama” category and that Apple doesn’t really lead the ratings in any individual category; its highest-rated category was “Mystery”. Ironically, Apple’s “Drama” category has a very poor average rating of 3.9 according to IMDb scores, which is something the platform needs to work on.

AppleTV+ is still young and it has a lot of space to improve, but the current numbers are certainly encouraging and we hope that there will be more quality content coming to the platform very soon.

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