Apps for Apple Watch Now in Development


Consumers all over the world are readying themselves for the release of the new Apple Watch. The tech giant plans to launch its new electronic wrist-wear in early 2015. Developers have been given the tools needed to start producing apps for the device via the WatchKit. The WatchKit is available now and Apple have called the device their “most personal” ever. Notifications can be created by developers to help users perform actions including turning lights off, obtaining information quickly and changing their journey plan via the wearable technology. Glances are an integral part of the Apple Watch experience and enable owners to find out information they are interested in with minimal effort.

Broadcasters ESPN are already developing an app for the Apple Watch to allow sports fans to receive information including live scores when they need it. Actionable notifications will enable users to truly personalize the experience. An Instagram app is also in development according the service’s co-founder Kevin Systrom, who says “With actionable notifications you can see and instantly like a photo or react with an emoji. The Instagram news and watch list allows you to see your friends’ latest photos, follow new accounts and get a real-time view of your likes and comments.”

The Apple Watch is expected to be released in the Spring. Will you be queuing up for one or do you feel that you already own enough mobile devices? Tell us your thoughts below.

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