Apps For Movie Buffs

If you are one of those people that can’t imagine this world without movies and spend your free time watching and analyzing films, this list of apps is perfect for you. In a perfect world, anytime we wanted to watch a movie we would be transplanted to a movie theater, but that is just not the case. Sometimes our iPad or iPhone will simply have to do.

Itunes Movie Trailers (By Apple, price: free)

It is true there are other apps that perform that same tasks as iTunes trailers, but the sleek interface and presentation set this one above the rest. It also provides convenience, with ability to jump from the trailer to a listing of theaters near you that are showing the film. You can also navigate straight to the theater website to buy tickets. This app is convenient and easy to use.


MovieQuest (by Alexandru Halmagean, price: 1.99)

Here is the perfect app for information on the best and worst movies of all time. This app brings you everything from poster art, summaries, video clips and a Wikipedia link to tons of Hollywood hits and failures, which can all be viewed in many ways such as genre or popularity.


Crackle Movies & TV (by Crackle Inc., price: free)

You’ve heard of Netflix and Hulu, which is why they aren’t going to be on this list, but now there is Crackle. This app lets you choose from a nice array of constantly updated films, with a little TV sprinkled in there. What really attracts me to this app is the fact that it is FREE. While there is some advertising, there is no fee or signup process required. When using this app, there is nothing getting in your way – just download and enjoy.


Flixster Movies (by Flixster, price: free)

I have been using this app for years and it has never let me down. Flixster will provide you with reliable movie reviews, and it can help you search for theaters in your area. The best part about the app is that it pulls professional and personal reviews of films so you can get a more well-rounded opinion on each film. Another cool feature Flixster provides is the ability to add films to your Netflix list if it isn’t in theaters anymore.


MovieCat HD (by OtherWise Games, price: 2.99)

If you live for movie trivia, then this is the app for you. It has a great clean interface that surprisingly centers around cats, with many great challenging trivia questions. You can’t judge this app by its cover due to the depth and detail it provides, and it will soon become an addiction.



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