Are Apple products actually that expensive?

iPhone 13 Pro Max
iPhone 13 Pro Max

Brand wars are nothing new, but the one being fought for the past fifteen years has its own unique tilt. It seems to be Apple vs everyone else. There are those who cannot imagine using a device that’s not from Cupertino and those who consider Apple users as patsies to a big corporation. The argument from the latter is that Apple offers less than its competitors and charges much more.

Part of the debate is based on a strange misconception that Google, Samsung, and other manufacturers are somehow the ‘little guy.’ Apple is represented as a big bully with a superiority complex. In reality, however, these are all massive corporations that have capitalistic aims. Altruism is not at the core of any of them.

Still, there are many users of Samsungs and other devices that insist that Apple is just too expensive. Why should Apple products cost so much more when they don’t offer much more?

Let’s have a look at this claim and see if there’s really any truth to it.

Apple’s little indulgences

There is one area in which Apple does itself no favors. The company will sell accessories and other products which no one really needs at ridiculous prices. AirTags are the latest and most notable addition, but it is Apple Care that brings more infamy. Apple Care is essentially an extended warranty that costs hundreds of dollars and provides about as much as any extended warranty – which is to say, no value almost all of the time.

Warranties are meant only to take care of faults related to the manufacture of the device. They protect you from getting a dud that does not work as it is supposed to. In the first year, this is useful. In the second, any issue you come across will almost certainly have to do with external factors.

If you are worried about losing your iPhone, iPhone theft insurance will be included in your regular renters’ insurance policy. This will cover certain types of accidental damage and loss as well. Check with your insurer that you have the right coverage.

The cost of an iPhone

The perception that an iPhone is the most expensive smartphone is strange in 2022, as this is certainly not the case. The iPhone 13 Pro Max – the best of Apple’s current range – starts at $1,099.99. Compare this to the Samsung S22 Ultra – Samsung’s best offering – which starts at $1,199.99. The two have similar features, but the Samsung is the more expensive.

Perhaps the perception that the iPhone is particularly expensive comes from the fact that, until fairly recently, there were no cheaper options. However, that is no longer true. With the regular iPhone 13, the iPhone SE, and more, there are a number of choices for those on a smaller budget.

So Apple is certainly not the most expensive smartphone provider. With plans like Apple One, which bundles Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, and more for a small monthly fee, you get great value for money on apps as well.

OS & Software

But what about Macbooks? They are expensive laptops. That is not debatable. For the same price as a Macbook Air, you can get a non-Apple laptop with better specs. However, there is a catch. Non-Apple computers do not come with software included. If you buy a Windows computer, you have to pay for the OS, Office, and other software.

Macbooks, however, come with macOS installed, along with their own suite of Office-type programs. They also come with GarageBand – the excellent music creation app – and iMovie – basic video editing software. You can upgrade to Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro for $200 each, which is significantly more affordable than most competitor software.

Apple iWork Suite integration | iOS, macOS, iPadOS

It is also accepted that Macbooks are incredible devices, with not only great processing power but a seamless user experience. MacBook users love their devices and will happily spend extra on them, and not because of brand loyalty. With Apple putting a lot of work into macOS and new Macbook hardware, these computers are only getting better.

Apple products are not nearly as expensive as non-Apple users seem to believe they are. When you do pay more, as is the case with MacBooks, you get good value for money. This is not to say that Apple doesn’t take advantage of their reputation to charge high prices for unnecessary accessories and warranty plans, but the flagship products are as cost-effective as they come.

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