Artist Turns Tech into Textile

Every artist has their own canvas, and for one Phillip David Stearns it’s taking apart old digital cameras and messing with their insides. first broke the news about this ambitious art project. The result is one pixelated masterpiece after another which he posts daily to his blog as a part of a yearlong project. These works of art can be anything from a GIF, a sound, or even a video.

“My Glitch Textiles project developed from what began as a curious exploration of visual technologies through corrupting the hardware of digital cameras into a project exploring the design potential of digital glitches in the textile arts.”

The majority of the images captured have a pixelated look to them, which Phillip thought would be perfect designs for blankets, and tapestry. Phillip turned to a natural platform to raise funds for his artwork. He is seeking $8500 in pledge funds that will go towards one week of production that will net 10 pieces. The money is needed for project consultation, airfare, materials, and daily facility usage.

If you are dreaming of snuggling up with a cozy pixelated blanket then hop on over to and support his cause.

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