Audible introduces new premium podcast service The new service will be attractive to podcast fans.

Amazon’s Audible subsidiary has announced a new subscription service.

The new $7.95 per month package offers exclusive podcasts and audio content, called Audible Plus.

The service claims to offer access to more than 11,000 original productions and more than 68,000 hours of content, with plans to ramp that up in the months ahead.

Audible has already teased a podcast around Pushkin Industries, and one weekly podcast featuring celebrities such as Alicia Silverstone, Michael Caine, and Josh Gad.

Existing subscribers will have their Gold or Platinum packages converted into Audible Premium Plus, which for $14.95 per month offers access to the above, as well as credits to purchase audiobooks that aren’t available for free on the Audible Plus service.

Audible Plus will launch on August 27, though existing Audible Premium Plus subscribers can access new content from today. The idea is to compete with Spotify’s growing presence in the podcasts market.

Apple, too, is expected to branch out and launch premium podcasts.

Recent reports suggest that Apple wants to boost its Podcasts app by offering exclusive content that can’t be streamed elsewhere.

Some of the stars of Apple TV+ shows have already signed up for exclusive original podcasts, which will be free to listen to via the Apple Podcasts app. It’s unknown whether Apple eventually plans to charge for podcast services.

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