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Studying Media at University this year. Passion for all things Apple, iPhone, Mac, TV and Watch.

What we can hope and expect for 2018 MacBooks

The next big Apple event in 2018 is WWDC in July. WWDC is the event where Apple announces their software updates and occasionally new MacBooks. The most recent MacBook was released last year, many upg…

Is iTunes still relevant?

Apple changed the way we buy and listen to music. With the creation of iTunes, we no longer needed to buy physical albums it was all in one place on an iPod. You were able to listen to your music with…

Are we being exploited by social media?

Facebook has been under fire recently for harvesting people’s data using a company called Cambridge Analytica. The company has ties to President Trump and has personal information from over 50 million…

The Apple Ecosystem

An ecosystem is defined as a biological community of interacting organisms. In tech terms, this means a group of devices with software to create one collaborative network. Many companies use this to c…

The latest Mac Pro rumors

With the release of the iMac Pro, many professionals are wondering where the updated Mac Pro is? The Mac Pro was a desktop computer that required an external monitor. The last time an display was rele…

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