How to avoid Game of Thrones Spoilers on Twitter

The highly anticipated 7th season of Game of Thrones is finally upon us.  If any show is renowned for spoilers its this one, but how exactly can you avoid finding out about the next death before watching the latest episode?

Game of Thrones has gathered a mighty following and now that the TV show has swayed away from the storylines in the books, spoilers are a bigger issue than ever.  Even before episodes air spoilers are rife, and although we can’t be sure which are real and which are fake, no one wants to take the chance.

Twitter has devised a handy way to stop you resort to avoiding social media entirely before you watch the latest episode.  This is because Twitter is one of the biggest sites where Game of Thrones spoilers are leaked.  In 2016, Game of Thrones was twitter’s most tweeted TV show and it featured in their top 10 trends for the whole year.

How can you avoid spoilers?

Twitter have devised a way for you to keep using their site while not risking seeing any spoilers.  Their feature ‘timed muting’ allows users to choose specific words, phrases or hashtags to avoid for a specific period of time.  This could be a day, a week, a month or longer.

How to access the feature

To access this feature, follow Twitter’s step by step guide or go to ‘Settings’ and ‘Privacy’. Twitter has released the most tweeted about words, phrases, emojis and hashtags relating to the show to get you started.

The list includes Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, Hodor and the Stark sisters.  The top five hashtags follow similar lines, #JonSnow, #GoT #GameofThrones, #GotSeason6 and #DemThrones. Twitter even release the top 10 emojis tweeted in relation to the show, including a dragon, a wolf, fire and ice.

Be aware that the words you mute are not case sensitive and any word you choose to mute will be muted for both normal use in tweets and hashtags.  Make sure to also change the time frame, as the setting automatically mutes your chosen words forever.

About the Author

Phoebe is the Digital Marketing Executive at Precise English, a copywriting and marketing agency based in the North East of England.