When you come across interesting content on the web you don’t always have time to read or share it right away which is why bookmarking apps such as Pocket have been so popular. You may have curated a list of content that you want to share with your friends and followers, however, and instead of sharing links one by one, you need something that allows you to do just that. That’s where Shout comes in.

By bookmarking anything you may stumble upon in the depths of the internet with one easy click action, Shout allows you to be more connected than ever. The app is available on both iOS and Google Chrome, both of which sync together with one login so it doesn’t matter where you save the link, you’ll be able to access it again later. Once you’ve curated your own list, you can share this publicly and even invite people to add to them. Your lists can be based on anything from the best indie romcoms to where you think the best place is to buy burritos and there is no restriction regarding what content you bookmark, curate and distribute to the world wide web. Don’t worry, there is the option to create private lists too, so you can save the potentially offensive memes for those you know.  Essentially, Shout is based on giving its users the opportunity to collaborate and create shared lists in a digital world that is so focused on the sharing of content.

Here’s a video on how to use the app which can be downloaded via the App store for free.