Apple Fifth Avenue store to get Beats 1 broadcasting booth?

Beats 1 broadcasting zone set for Apple Fifth Avenue store?

Once Apple’s iconic, Manhattan-based Fifth Avenue retail store reopens following renovations, it will reportedly feature a “very unique area” from which Apple’s Beats 1 radio station will broadcast.

MacRumors claims to have learned this news from an unnamed “person familiar with the matter” – who, nonetheless, did not reveal any additional details. MacRumors has speculated that Ebro Darden, one of the three main Beats 1 radio anchors, could broadcast some material from this area.

There would likely be more than enough space there to accommodate Darden, who currently seems to air his shows from a studio in another Manhattan area, Chelsea. The store has been undergoing renovations, which will reportedly massively grow its underground footprint from 32,000 to 77,000 square feet, since its temporary closure on January 20.

The Fifth Avenue outlet, striking for its above-pictured glass cube entrance, could attract big crowds for Beats 1 shows where especially high-profile guests would be interviewed or, quite simply, a live audience would be sought. While it is unknown precisely when the store should reopen, MacRumors believes that “renovations are likely to continue for several months.”

Beats 1 airs 24 hours a day and can be enjoyed free-of-charge through the Apple Music app on various Apple and Android devices and the iTunes software on Macs and Windows PCs.

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