Beats 1’s Live Radio Schedule Now More Visible in Music App

Apple has made some small but appreciable changes to the Music app on iOS, with the Radio tab now clearly indicating which show is currently broadcasting, and for how long, on the Beats 1 station.

Tapping on the Radio tab had previously brought up a static image of the Beats 1 logo above a ‘Listen Now’ button. However, in that image’s place now, as our screenshot above shows, is a wealth of information about the current show – including the show’s title, artwork, host and description.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple has been able to implement this change without needing to send out a new update to iOS because server-side data is largely responsible for the Radio tab’s content. The site adds that the new, more dynamic tab content appears on devices running iOS 9.2.1 and betas of iOS 9.3.

Also added beside ‘Listen Now’ is an ‘Explore Beats 1’ button. Tapping this leads to another page with details of the upcoming schedule on Beats 1, along with host biographies.

Beats 1’s Live Radio Schedule Now More Visible in Music App

Beats 1 has been available through the Music app since iOS 8.4. Users of devices running this iOS version or higher can freely listen to Beats 1, without any need for a subscription to the Apple Music streaming service.

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