Become an iPhone Paparazzi

In an era where smartphones are used more and more to snap pictures and take video, there is a new gadget that demands attention. The Paparazzo iPhone Light project is currently up on and being developed by Craig Monroe and John Aldrich. These two men are seeking $50,000 dollars in pledges to make this product come to life.

The idea behind this peripheral was inspired by 20th century flash bulbs and adds a 300 lumen LED light to your iPhone. Currently the iPhone 4 and 4S have the ability to take crystal clear photos, but having a perfect light source can be an issue. A perfect light source during all lighting conditions is the idea behind this gadget. Which will be compatible with the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and the next generation iPhone to be unveiled this fall.

“Today, the iPhone is a powerful tool that you can pull from your pocket and take quality photos and video wherever you are. The trouble is that sometimes lighting can be unpredictable. Why isn’t there a way to bring the light you need to the photos or video you take with your iPhone in a simple, iconic package? Now there is. Be like Weegee in dim or night with the Paparazzo as your light.”

You might be asking yourself how the attachment will communicate with your iPhone. According to the developers, an application will accompany the peripheral, which has three push-button modes dedicated to photo, video, and light adjustment.

The money they raise to move this product into production will be used for injection mold tooling, circuit board, and development of the app needed for the Paparazzo.

Technical Details

Specifications: 300 Lumen LED, two CR 123 batteries or equivalent cell (not included), Standard Apple 30 pin connector. You supply the iPhone.

Colors: Black, White, Chrome (Kickstarter exclusive)
Operating Modes: Photo/Flash, Video, Test
Controls: Trigger, Mode switch, LED adjustment knob (0 to 300 lumens)
Compatibility: iPhone 4/4S, 1/4″ tripod mount
Projected Retail Price: $60 (black or white only)


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