Beltone Introduces SmartRemote ” a New App that Lets Consumers Adjust their Hearing Aids with their iPhone®

Beltone, a leader in patient-focused hearing technology for over 70 years, has announced SmartRemote”the first-ever app that allows hearing aid wearers to use their iPhone® as a “remote control” to discreetly adjust their hearing instruments. SmartRemote can be downloaded from the App Store at no cost.

Beltone developed the SmartRemote app in response to what hearing aid wearers wanted most: a great listening experience in multiple environments, ease-of-use, and complete discretion.

Beltone's award-winning 2.4 GHz wireless streaming technology underpins the new SmartRemote app. By pairing their hearing aids with the new Direct Phone Link 2 and the SmartRemote app on their iPhone, the hearing instrument wearer can use their iPhone to privately adjust hearing aid volume in one or both ears, change listening programs to match their environment, mute background noise during a phone conversation, and more.

“Beltone's hearing aid innovations, such as our wirelessly-streaming Direct Phone Link 2, allow hearing-aided people to enjoy their electronic devices in new ways,” says Beltone President, Todd Murray. “And now, our new SmartRemote app gives our customers a superior listening experience combined with the convenience they desire.”

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