BeOnd Airline to Provide Apple Vision Pro to Premium Passengers Beond airline is elevating its inflight entertainment by offering the Apple Vision Pro to select passengers, marking a significant upgrade in the travel experience for its business-class customers.

BeOnd Airline

Beond, introducing itself as the first “premium leisure airline,” is dedicated to offering an exceptional travel experience to its patrons. This commitment is evident in its business-class-only service, which features fully reclining seats, exquisite dining options, and now, the addition of the Apple Vision Pro for some travelers.

Tero Taskila, Beond’s CEO, emphasized the airline’s pioneering approach in a press statement, stating:

“The Apple Vision Pro will transform the inflight entertainment experience, and we will be first to offer it to select passengers.”

Taskila further highlighted the initiative as a key component of Beond’s mission to provide a luxurious travel journey from beginning to end.

While the integration of the Apple Vision Pro into Beond’s inflight offerings positions the airline at the forefront of technological innovation in air travel, there are practical considerations to note.

The Apple Vision Pro typically requires customization for the individual user at the point of sale, which may lead to fit issues for passengers using the device on board.

Additionally, the hygiene aspect of sharing high-tech headsets like the Apple Vision Pro among passengers raises questions, particularly regarding effective cleaning protocols between uses, a topic that has garnered attention in discussions about the headset’s application in professional environments.

About BeOnd

BeOnd is a Maldivian airline based in the capital of Maldives, Malé. It was founded by Max Nilov and Tero Taskila in November 2022. The airline is a joint venture formed by the Emirati investment firm Arabesque, and the Maldivian hospitality company SIMDI Group.

It plans to connect Maldives to multiple European and Asian countries with their cities, as well as to Australia. It plans to operate to over 50 destinations in more than 25 countries with a fleet of over 30 aircraft in the next few years.

BeOnd Airlines
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