Test your photo editing skills with these iPhone apps


With so many apps available for budding photographers, it can be a little overwhelming. Here are some of our writers’ favourite apps for improving your iPhone photography skills.

1. Afterlight 2

This revamped version of the original Afterlight has a whole host of new features available to help you edit the perfect shot. With filters, artwork, text, advanced tools and more on offer, this is your one-stop shop for photography, and the best part is, it doesn’t require a subscription or in-app purchases.

2. Snapseed

For access to a wide range of professional editing tools that are surprisingly easy to use, this free app is the answer. Free apps can often be disappointing, but Snapseed is the exception. This high-quality app is great for everyday photo editing.


VSCO has become so popular for its preset, understated filters. Choose your filter then use the editing tools to fine-tune your image. Edit the colour, exposure, sharpness, size and more. You can even use the camera straight in the app and alter shutter speed, ISO and white balance, and share your masterpieces with your friends.

4. Facetune

Edit your selfies and portraits with Facetune. Get the perfect glow, reshape your facial structure, add makeup and more, without having to try find your way around Photoshop.

5. TouchRetouch

Taken the perfect shot, but suddenly notice power lines, litter, or a blemish? Remove unwanted objects or marks in seconds with TouchRetouch. This app analyses the pixels around your selection and replaces the selected object with pixels from the surrounding area.

6. Mextures

Add textures, grains and light leaks for a creative edit. You can stack an unlimited number of effects to create your unique edit and adjust each layer for the perfect blend. For those new to the app, their preset “formulas” are a great place to start.

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