Best iPhone X Optimised Apps


Since releasing the iPhone X over 8 months ago, Apple has been slowly optimising iOS apps to add support for the iPhone X, the latest of which is the update to Google Street View. Here is the lowdown on some of our favourites.

1. Halide

This leading photography app costs $4.99 in the app stores and has been updated to take full advantage of the iPhone X. This app not only utilises the edge-to-edge screen and supports depth maps.

2. Jigspace

This free app, with the tagline “we learn better in 3D” brings education to life using 3D images, including engines, earthquakes, geology and more.

3. iTranslate Converse

For just £4.99 a month, this app allows you to translate 38 different languages, with automatic language detection. A winner of the 2018 Apple Design Awards, this app provides both text and audio immediately and with ease.

4. Agenda

Still using the original Notes app? You’re seriously missing out. This free note-taking app attaches timestamps to your notes so that you can easily view your progress and organises your work. You can organise by project or category, highlight specific items, sync on iCloud, send to print or save as a PDF.

5. Deliveries

This superior tracking app is supported by UPS, USPS, FEDEx and DHL, and you can track your packages by entering in the tracking number, or automatically through iCloud sync with your emails. You can view a timeline summary and find the packages on the map.

6. 1Password

Always forgetting your passwords? This password manager app only requires you to remember one master password and it does the rest. The app is now supported by Face ID, allowing for even quicker access and improved security.

7. Google Street View

Finally, the latest of Apple’s updates is to Google Street View to version 2.13.3. The app is no longer is surrounded by black bars along the top and bottom but now fills the entire screen. They have also introduced improvements for rendering 260 panoramas.

Which apps are you still waiting to see optimised for iPhone X?

About the Author

Phoebe is the Digital Marketing Executive at Precise English, a copywriting and marketing agency based in the North East of England.