Best puzzle games to play on iPhone

Looking for a game to kill some time and exercise the brain at the same time? A fantastic choice that offers both amusement and a real mental challenge is puzzle games.

A game, problem, or toy that challenges one’s ingenuity or understanding is called a puzzle. The person who solves a puzzle is intended to logically put the pieces together in order to arrive at the correct or pleasurable answer. Puzzle games are simple to play. Playing them also provides a lot of advantages. 

Therefore, whether you or a loved one like puzzle games, be aware that it has a favorable effect. Even while it may appear to be just a straightforward silly game, it also exercises the brain by enhancing its ability for learning. Both adults and kids can get benefit from solving puzzles. Unexpectedly, there are multiple advantages to playing puzzle games. 

Advantages of playing puzzle games

Playing puzzles offers youngsters numerous advantages, including the opportunity to develop their cognitive abilities, fine motor skills, social abilities, creativity, and moral growth.

Regularly solving puzzles and engaging in puzzle games encourage the formation of new neural connections, which enhances short-term memory. According to a University of Michigan study, solving puzzles for 25 minutes a day causes people to score four IQ points higher. 

We appreciate puzzle games mostly because they lift our spirits. In fact, solving a problem causes the brain to release dopamine, which makes us feel happy. Dopamine is a crucial neurotransmitter that controls our memory, mood, and concentration.

iPhone puzzle games are ideal for providing mental stimulation while on the road. There are many puzzles to pick from, including timeless ones like Sudoku and those used in escape rooms. There are countless games available. We’ve got you covered if you’d prefer to concentrate on finishing problems rather than looking for the proper game.

Are you ready to boost your mood?

Here we have compiled 5 amazing puzzle games that you can play if you want to increase your IQ level so don’t waste your time and just visit these sites:

I’m a Puzzle

There are thousands of free online jigsaw puzzles available on the website I’m a Puzzle. Here, you’ll find a variety of picture games and puzzles, including those with animals, bridges, landscapes, and more. A puzzle builder also lets you play around with any image you like. I’m a Puzzle is a website where you may play puzzle games without any hassle.

Jigsaw puzzles encourage patience while helping to keep your mind fresh. In addition, it is a fun and light-hearted way to unwind after a hard day without overstretching your body and mind.

If you want to complete challenging jigsaw puzzles, check out this website right away.

OBannon Woods State Park | Jigsaw Puzzle

Hitman Go

A turn-based puzzle video game called Hitman Go was created by Square Enix Montréal and released in Europe by Square Enix. The game was announced in February 2014, and it was made available for iOS in April and Android in June of that same year. 

Hitman Go is a mobile adaptation of everyone’s favorite bald, barcoded master assassin that plays like a board game. It honestly comes as a bit of a surprise that it even exists, and it is delightful when it succeeds. Thoughts about the game’s art, aesthetics, straightforward gameplay mechanics, and adaptation of Hitman for a mobile platform were generally good. 

Additionally, it was nominated for and won several prizes from gaming journals and award organizations. It is clever and well-designed. This is a fantastic smartphone experience thanks to the diversity of foes and gameplay enhancements that are progressively added to keep the action interesting until the very end.

Hitman Go Game | Square Enix Montréal

Cut the Rope

Playing the puzzle game Cut The Rope 2 is a blast. It is available for free direct browsers. The game is playable without being blocked. To help you start, Cut The Rope 2 provides information on keyboard and mouse controls. 

In this manner, understanding how to play the game is simple. The goal of the Cut the Rope games is to gather stars while feeding candy to Om Nom, a little green critter. More than 600 million copies of Cut the Rope games have been downloaded as of May 2015, and by 2018 there had been more than a billion downloads. The game’s app has a really beautiful interface, which draws people in right away. 

The game’s design is incredibly vibrant, guaranteeing that both adults and kids will find it appealing. The central idea of the game revolves around Om Nom, the protagonist. Om Nom is a cute creature that hunts for candies but is always kept apart from them, usually a rope length or more away.

Cut The Rope 2 Game

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is an indie puzzle game developed and published by Ustwo Games. It is a fantasy study of impossible geometry and imaginative building. The player controls the mute princess Ida as she navigates perplexing monuments, discovers secret passageways, reveals optical illusions, and outwits the strange Crow People. Although Monument Valley has received praise for its gorgeous visuals, the game’s puzzles’ central impossibility is what really sets it apart.

The Room Two

A three-dimensional puzzle game is called The Room Two. Like the original, each level takes place in a single room and requires the player to go through several interconnected puzzles. Typically, this involves gathering hints and pieces of machinery in order to open challenging puzzle boxes, which then reveal further hints and components. The player is free to travel between the several puzzles in each area, which may be scattered throughout. The player’s ultimate goal is to find an exit from each area so they may go on to the next. 

According to some studies, solving puzzles and other comparable mental exercises help reduce stress. Focusing on a single job, like finishing a puzzle, might induce a meditative state in our hyper-connected world with its incessant demands for our attention. It brings about a feeling of calm and peace. So playing puzzle games is the best choice for your life.

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