Beware of Cheap iPad Sales on Craigslist

You know you have a popular product on your hands when it's being used in a bait and grab scheme. WTAE is reporting that cheap iPads are being offered up on Craigslist to get interested parties to show up with a wad of cash, only to be robbed.

In Uniontown, Pennsylvania, at least three people answered a Craigslist ad advertising iPads for dirt cheap. They were told to show up at a remote spot to meet the “seller” one-on-one. When they showed up for the supposed meeting, they were instead robbed by armed men. One of the “buyers” was forced to withdraw money from an ATM at gunpoint.

Uniontown Police Chief Jason Cox states that after the robberies, the victims were shaken up, and it was clear they weren't away of any possible danger beforehand. No arrests have been made, but Cox encourages, “If you are traveling somewhere to purchase an item, always do some research on the area you're traveling to and investigate as much as possible about the validity of what you're trying to purchase.”

And remember … if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Photo Credit: Apple


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