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Birthday Video Cam Feature Added to the Facebook iOS App

Sending “happy birthday” messages to friends is probably one of your most routine pastimes on Facebook. From now on, you are no longer limited to sending those messages in text, as Facebook has debuted a birthday video cam feature for its iOS app.

The feature – which, according to The Verge, is currently iOS-exclusive – allows you to record a 15-second video to send to a friend on their special day. When that day comes round, the friend’s profile page will flag up the option to record a birthday video. You can then tap the option, record the video, and even choose from a series of birthday-themed frames for decoration.

Birthday video cam seems likely to result in a serious injection of imagination into Facebook-handled “happy birthday” messages, which currently tend to be more noteworthy for their brevity. Of course, it’s always the thought that counts – but, now, iOS users will find it easier to put a lot more thought into how the actual messages are crafted.

There’s no word on when birthday video cam will expand to other platforms on both desktop and mobile – but the wait is unlikely to be long, given how commonly front cameras now feature in both desktop and mobile devices.

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