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Biscuit Maker Debuts McVitie’s iKitten Augmented Reality App

In a rather novel digital marketing initiative, confectionary firm United Biscuits has released McVitie’s iKitten, an augmented reality app giving each user their own cute virtual kitten.

The app, it turns out, is intended to help promote McVitie’s Chocolate Digestives, one of United Biscuits’ best-known biscuit brands. iKitten, which is free for iPhone, iPad and Android, allows for the creation and personalization of a British Blue kitten.

The app’s augmented reality mode can be activated through pointing the device’s camera at a packet of McVitie’s Milk Chocolate Digestives or a special iKitten marker from the McVitie’s UK website.

Though it seems a moot point whether the app will make a substantial difference to sales of Digestive biscuits, we can certainly see the globally available iKitten capturing the interest of the Internet’s legions of cat lovers. Move over, Pusheen and Grumpy Cat…

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