Bitcoin Core version 23.0 could natively support Apple silicon M1 chips


With the technology underpinning the cryptocurrency space continuing to gain in sophistication, the same is happening for Bitcoin Core, which is the most popular software used to connect to the Bitcoin network and run a node.

Bitcoin Core is built to detect which blockchain contains genuine Bitcoin transactions, with its users being restricted to accepting transactions from that blockchain.

Today, Web3 developer and researcher Zhixiong Pan stated that Bitcoin Core had released the final version of update 23.0. He also noted that the update included the addition of a macOS ARM build, and declared – as translated from Mandarin – that “this will likely be the first version of Bitcoin Core to natively support Apple silicon (M1 family) chips.” M1 is the Bitcoin Core chip.

Initially, the Bitcoin Core client published the source code for the update to 23.0 silently. It wasn’t until Pan searched the GitHub repository and spotted the inclusion of a macOS ARM build, that users were even aware it was live. Pan took to Twitter shortly afterwards, to announce the news.

Users can anticipate the compiled version of Bitcoin Core 23.0 very shortly, so that they can try it out for themselves. According to Bitcoin Core’s half-yearly upgrade cycle, we can expect version 24.0 in October.

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