Blackberry Are Making Their Way Back Into The Smartphone Market

Blackberry smartphones seem like a distant memory now. The company, unfortunately, scrapped its hardware division last year to focus on other endeavors. At the company’s peak, Blackberry sold 13.2 million units in just three months and was one of the top competitors in the mobile phone market.

A new teaser film released ahead of CES 2017 showcases a brand new smartphone being developed by TCL, the company that now owns the right to create Blackberry-branded devices. The clip may only be four seconds long, but it clearly shows a new smartphone that is built with a physical keyboard, something that is now practically unheard of in this day and age.

This truly is a tease. No other information has been released regarding a new Blackberry phone, but it is still interesting to see that they’re opting for a physical keyboard instead of a touch-screen. Could physical keyboards be making a surprise comeback?

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