Blackberry Launch New High-Security Slate


Blackberry have unveiled a new high-security tablet from its Secusmart brand. The tablet is the result of a collaboration with Samsung and IBM. The Secultablet is apparently “based” on the Samsung Galaxy 10.5. It runs on Samsung firmware and is targeted at businesses and governments, although services like Facebook and YouTube can be accessed on the tablet.

The tablet is to cost $2,380. It is compatible with Blackberry 10 and is currently being given security certification at the German Federal Office for Information Security. The tablet uses IBM’s “app wrapping technology”, which gives additional layers of security to sensitive and confidential data.

Blackberry has struggled during recent years, with its Playbook tablet failing to meet targets. It bought German voice and data encryption company Secusmart in 2014, unveiling the new tablet at Hanover’s tech fair CeBit last weekend. Experts predict the tablet will be a success in Germany, where its strong security features are highly regarded. Experts have described the tablet as a “limited solution for a very specific area of the marketplace”, with the tablet being aimed at organisations and sectors where “security is paramount”.

It’s thought that the tablet will be powered by Android. Blackberry could be faced with competition from Silent Circle, who recently unveiled refreshed versions of the security-based Blackphone 2. Blackberry recently unveiled a new touch-screen phone.

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