‘Blind Loyalty’ to Apple


A majority of British iPhone owners admit to blind loyalty to their devices, saying they “couldn’t imagine” having another type of phone, a survey found.

British firm SIMOnlyContracts asked 2,000 iPhone how they felt about their phones, and 78 percent of respondents said they “couldn’t imagine having a different type of phone now.”

“It’s really interesting to discover this blind loyalty amongst iPhone users — they’ll no longer consider other mobile phones on the market, purely because they trust Apple and perhaps like being associated with the brand,” SIMOnlyContracts founder Roshan Bhola told the Daily Telegraph.

In another indication of brand loyalty, 54 percent of the survey respondents said their current iPhone wasn’t their first.

Thirty-seven percent said they’d purchased an additional iPhone in order to stay with iOS, while 25 percent said they renewed their iPhone contracts because their friends and family had them.

“Blind loyalty” was not a concept Bhola put forward himself; about 60 percent of respondents in the survey reportedly admitted to exactly that, CNET reported — a “blind loyalty.”



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