Box Art Surfaces for PlayStation VR’s Mech Battler RIGS

The official box art for one of the most eagerly anticipated PlayStation VR titles, RIGS: Mechanized Combat League, has arrived online. This art, posted by VRFocus and featuring one of the titular mechs, appears to confirm that the game will get a physical, not just digital, release.

Though it remains unclear when exactly this multiplayer first-person shooter from Killzone: Mercenary developer Guerrilla Cambridge will actually hit the market, the timing of this box art’s arrival suggests that RIGS could be among the launch titles when the PlayStation VR kit is launched this October.

The gameplay of this frenetic FPS will see players duking it out at the helm of giant mechs in even more spectacularly-sized arenas. Players will be able to use the DualShock 4 controller to kill opponents and, in the process, fill their “overdrive” meter. This will then enable them to score a goal by dropping through a huge hoop, as explained by Flickering Myth.

Strangely, this new box art doesn’t actually include any branding specifying support for either PlayStation 4 or PlayStation VR – though, of course, this support should be indicated on the actual box.

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