Brand new entry level iPhone coming in Summer 2018

Reports suggest Apple is working on a brand new entry-level phone, similar to the iPhone SE. This iPhone will support wireless charging and is set to be released in summer 2018.

Those looking for an upgrade on their current iPhone but unwilling to pay the extortionate price of the iPhone X are finally in luck. A new phone, referred to unofficially as the iPhone SE 2, is on its way.

The iPhone SE is finally being updated

The iPhone SE hasn’t seen any major updates since it was released in March 2016. Since the iPhone 7 launched in 2016, it has been the only 4-inch iPhone Apple continues to sell and remains their cheapest phone. Apple did upgrade the storage on the original SE in 2017 by introducing a 64GB and a 128GB model. These rumors come from Luke Lin of Digitimes, a Taiwan-based website. He does not explicitly mention the size of the new phone, however, the details match previous rumors that suggest it will be another 4-inch phone with a glass back.

Other rumors suggest this new phone will be more similar to the iPhone X in design and it will be equipped with Face ID.

Wireless charging

The most exciting feature that rumors suggest this iPhone will have is its wireless charging ability. This means Apple’s own wireless charger could finally be coming to shops soon, if they are embedding the technology into more phones.

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