Brazil could force Apple to adopt to USB-C charging on iPhone

Brazil could force Apple to sell iPhones with USB-C charging ports, according to a new report.

The country is reportedly asking Apple to move away from its Lightning connector to USB-C. The move affects all smartphone manufacturers, not just Apple, and would ensure that all phones sold in the country had USB-C charging for better compatibility and to avoid eWaste in the country.

However, it also suggests that devices that can charge entirely wirelessly won’t need USB-C ports.

Brazil says that moving to USB-C could offer consumers “greater convenience” and reduce global eWaste. The news follows similar pressures from the European Union, who also propose Apple and other technology manufacturers move over to USB-C charging. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and Ming Chi-Kuo, Apple is already testing an iPhone internally with a USB-C charging port.

It’s thought that Apple will release this year’s iPhone 14 with a standard Lightning port, but it could make the switch to USB-C from 2023 with the iPhone 15. There have been whispers for a number of years that Apple was planning to make the switch, as it’s already done with the iPad Pro and Air.

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