Brydge Turns The iPad Into A Macbook

The main reason the release of the original iPad peaked my interest was the idea that a tablet could replace a laptop. I could do all the functions I perform every day on a lighter touch screen device, and truly feel like the future has arrived.

I greatly enjoyed my first generation iPad, but shortly after the purchase I realized something – I wasn’t able to use the iPad with the same ease as my laptop. Typing on the touch screen was a little hard to get used to. I enjoyed the convenience of having shortcuts set up on my keyboard, and certain everyday tasks were simply easier to accomplish on a laptop.

This is where Brydge from Brad Leong comes into play and saves the day with an aluminum body anodized keyboard developed specifically for the iPad. It connects to the tablet using a patent-pending hinge that allows for 180 degree position and holds the iPad secure.

“Brydge’s aluminum body is machined and anodized so that it matches the look and feel of the iPad precisely. When paired together, Brydge and your iPad appear to be two parts of the same device, blending style and functionality seamlessly. Unlike other products made of painted plastic in an effort to look similar to the iPad, Brydge does not fake it. Not only does it look good, but when held in your hands you can feel the quality craftsmanship Apple lovers demand.”

The unique aspect that makes this product stand out is how the iPad snaps into the keyboard and turns the tablet into a laptop. The keyboard’s hinge connects the iPad to the keyboard and allows them to close together as a laptop would. When closed, the thickness and weight are almost identical to the Macbook Air which is both surprising and delightful.

Included on the keyboard are high-quality builtin-in stereo speakers, along with a number of shortcut keys that are tailored specifically for the iPad. To connect to the iPad, the device uses Bluetooth and charges via a USB connection to avoid having to deal with any wires and retain the portability as a laptop.

In my opinion, if you are in the market for a keyboard for your iPad, Brydge is a no brainer. Since they received full funding on their Kickstarter campaign, we will be seeing a launch on December 1, 2012. You can visit their website to pre-order one of three models. The vary by materials used to make them, weight, and specific features like stereo speakers.

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